Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Do stores sell winter boots in winter?

Every single store I go into they are already selling gladiator sandals and flip flops! WTF? Do they understand that in Chicago and most of the country, it is about 15 degrees and getting ready to snow?

So, my journey to buy black boots started yesterday. First, I went to target. As, I walked in the store I immediately noticed the bathing suits again. Those bathing suits have been up since before Christmas! So, I walk past them straight to the boots. I am on a mission, I want to get a pair of black boots that are cheap. As, I approach the shoes I notice that the flip flops are starting to come out. No big deal they will still have black boots. Everyone is wearing these I have to have a pair. Quick glance, I see nothing but gladiator sandals. Nope don't need them have a few pairs and why would I buy them now, I have a solid 6 months of winter left!

Target does not have a single boot. All, they have are those gross winter boots that are huge and only for the snow. No, big deal my brother wants to head to TJ Max's. I think they will have them there, if not we will run into DSW where they only sell shoes! We hit TJ Max's and they have a few pairs of boots. But guess what they are BROWN! I already have brown boots and I am strictly looking for black. I then easily convince Jake that we should stop at DSW. Next to the DSW is a Marshall, so I know he won't mind stopping. Plus is DSW fails then I can stop at Marshall for the boots.

Into to DWS and they have at least 50 pairs of boots. Great, I am going to find them here I think. Wrong I walk up and down the aisle for the perfect pair, which I finally find and they only have them in size 6. I am a solid 10 no way am I getting my huge foot in that one. So, I keep looking. All, I seem to find are boots for $200 bucks in size 10. Every other boot they have is a size 5 or 6. All, of the giant sizes are gone!!

I get over that and head to Marshalls. We are now at the 4th store; I know I am going to find them. Straight for the boots. It is around 8:30 so Marshall’s is stocking up the shoe department. I move around them quickly to size 10. No black boots again. I see every other color but black. So, I think maybe I am being too picky start looking for gray. They will still match all of the black clothing I have. Looking for gray, no gray, no black, no boots! Jake and I leave the store with nothing in our hands

Today, I start again on the journey for black boots. I head to another mall and check out another DSW, another Marshalls, a Nordstrom rack, and Steinmart. NOTHING NOTHING AT ALL! I did not even try on a pair. So, do they sell boots in the winter?

So, I head back to the city to pick up my FiancĂ© Steve from work. We then decide that we should go to Famous Foot Wear and Payless. We go into Payless and they have a pair of size 10 black boots. Could it be that I will get these boots from payless? I check out the price and they are $60 bucks!! Are you kidding me $60 for PAYLESS BOOTS!! I say no way and we head to Famous Foot Wear. Famous Foot Wear has a few pairs and they are one sale. I see a pair of black boots, I head over and OMG they have a 10!!! WOOHOO I grab them and walk around the entire store to see if they have others. Nope just this one in size 10. The sales associate ask if I need help and if I can’t find my size he can order them. Order them, no way I have been to at least 6 stores and I want these boots NOW! I try on these black boots and they suck. They make me look fat!!! I do not need to look any fatter!!

We leave and I am really bummed now. I am thinking, I am never going to get black boots. I could order them online, but I am being greedy and want them now. Plus, I have on the jeans that I would wear with the boots and I want to make sure they fit right.

We are going to pass a Dots on the way home. I ask Steve if we can just stop really quickly and I will run in. I am pretty sure they are not going to have them but, it’s worth a peek. They always have trendy stuff and best thing about Dots, is they are CHEAP! I run in and look. Lots of brown, some weird stripper boots, and there they are the pair I was searching for. I find a pair of magenta tall boots. These could do I am thinking. They are not black, but I can't be so picky. I look for a size 10 no 10 but I find an 11. Those could work??? I try on the magenta size 11 boots and WOOHOO they fit!! Not perfect, but 8 stores later they are perfect!! The price on the boots $20 bucks!! They will fill my black void!
I buy the boots ask the sales women if they sell them in black. Of course they do but they are sold out. They are sold out all over CHICAGO!!! WTF? Being sneaky I decide that I am going to the dots by my house to see if they have these boots in black. I can either keep these and buy the black ones or exchange them for the perfect boots. We get to the other dots and nope sold out. They do not even have the boots I just bought!!! By now I am tired and am settling for the size 11 magenta boots. At least I found a pair!

No nap today I had to find boots!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kodak easy share my ASS!!!

Kodak easy share is a lie!!!

So, I got a Kodak camera about a year ago. Keep in mind I am younger person that knows how to tweet and Facebook!! But can’t figure out this stupid easy share WTF?

So, I get the camera and load the easy share software. I thought this would be really easy plug the camera in an upload the picture. NO WAY!!! My old camera that was not an EASY SHARE was much easier. I did not even need this stupid ass program!
Ok, so the software is loaded it takes 3 people to look at the program and figure out. My best friend had owned a Kodak for at least 3 years so I have her look at it. She swears it is sooooooo easy....bullshit!! She even gives me this docking station that you just place the camera on and hit one button and it loads those pictures. Well, that thing sucks even more. I can never figure that one out at all. What do I do?? Hit every button on the damn thing till it works. Finally it works. I have successfully loaded a few albums.

Ok, now we have been loading pictures successfully for a few months!!! Woohoo here I come facebook!!! I even start telling others that I love this Kodak camera. It is so tiny and takes great pictures and man the easy share is so EASY!!!

Well, here we are a few albums later and the stupid thing is not working again!!! I plug the camera into upload the holiday pictures and what does it say???? Device is not recognized!! WTF I just loaded thanksgiving pictures! So, I shut down the computer and try again..still device is not recognized...WTF why are you not recognized I have been uploading for the past few months! After repeating this motion several times, I decide maybe the camera needs to be charged. So, let’s wait a day and try again.
Next, day we do the same motions and still no pictures! So, I decided to press every button! Nope still does not work and I somehow get about 100 other albums to load into Kodak easy share! These are not photos, they are weird stuff my computer was holding things like 009-123, ball, and field type preview albums. What is this and where the hell did it come from?? Now, I have to take 3 hours to delete all of this crap!! Of course I can't select all and delete, each one must be done on its own. And still no CHRISTMAS pictures!!! I will be stuck with the same profile picture for the rest of my life FLM!!!!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Unempolyment nightmare!

WOW! It comes every Monday and it takes me about 3 hours!! Good thing I don't have a job! Is anyone else out there on unemployment and thinks certifying would be easier if I went to the office?

First, I try and log in for a good hour. Once logged into to this fabulous site I then must hope my computer will no kick me out! The entire process would take about 10 minutes if the site every worked correctly. I wonder how many other people have this same problem. I also wonder exactly how many people are certifying on Monday? Is it 1,000 or 10,000!

Today was even worse the site was down. You would think this great state could at least put something on their website that says Hey I DON'T WORK TODAY YOU WILL HAVE TO CALL!! No, that would be way too easy. Instead I have to call at least 20 times and try and get through to talk to someone then ,I have to call and use the automated service which takes another 20 calls. I forgot to mention that I was on hold for about 20 minutes and I got another call. Being stupid I thought I would answer really quick…guess what happen? Someone answers while I am on the other line...

Deborah answerers the phone with an attitude and ask me what I want. Well I need to reset me fuckin password because I always file online, which you encourage. WTF!!!!! So after 2 hours my back hurts from sitting in this chair and I finally will get the benefits!!!

Maybe it is easier to find a JOB! I think I should go take a nap!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Should I take a nap?

It is winter here! Cold, snowy, and just cold! I am sitting here thinking what should I do? I am currently unemployed and looking for a job is just getting old. I still however, search until I cannot see anymore. I have already cleaned, organized, took the dog for a walk, washed clothes and much is only 2:30! So, as I sit here on the internet again searching for whatever keeps me busy? Should I take a nap? Carlton (the dog), Mr. Biggs, and Jr (the cats) are sleeping why can't I? They look so peaceful as they sleep the day away. I have already cleaned up after them so they have no worries at all!!! Each one sleeping in their favorite spots in the house. Why can't I just curl up into a tiny ball where my face tucks into my butt and take a worriless nap?

I can't take a nap I have too much to do! I just cannot relax and waste time. Every time I lay down during the day a million things come up? Like does the dog have to go out again? Man I hate when that one happens. I lay down for just a moment and the dog is all in my FACE! So, I get my ass up and on my 3 layers along with boots, scarf, hat, and gloves. This entire process takes at least 10 minutes. Outside we go and man it is freezing and wet! Normal Chicago weather!! Carlton does his business and we are back in side to de-robe! Back to the bed to take a nap! Normal thoughts going through my head and wait the PHONE now rings!! It is mom and we are going to talk for awhile no nap today!!!

Why is it so hard to take a nap? Why can't the dog wait and I shut my phone off?